Electric Bikes About To Become Big In Our Nation’s Capital

As we all get more environmentally friendly, it is so fantastic to hear about when more exposure and more innovation with the awesome electric bikes!

Check out this article by Vicky Hallett from the Washington Post about a city and company’s effort to make a city become identifiable with its use of electric bikes!

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Riding Electric Bikes In San Diego: Perfect

San Diego is one of the most “fit” regions around. Many people are very conscious about both health and a green earth.

What better place to find a lot of exposure for electric bikes.

A great article just appeared in the San Diego Reader about electric bike benefits as well as some buying tips.

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Using An Electric Bike In New York


Using An Electric Bike In New York

Yahoo Finance has a neat little article about commuting in New York and using the electric bike.

While an electric bike is ideal for commuting in general, maneuverability is not its strong point. Strong pedalers and cyclists can stop/start on a dime. Especially without a motor weighing down the frame. Perfect for San Francisco or New York.

Electric bikes though? Read on. And remember to check our list of best electric bikes as well!

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An Introduction To Electric Bikes!


While we focus on the electric bikes that are usually part bike/part electric motor (sort of a hybrid hybrid bike!!), there are actually quite a few electronic vehicles, many types for many different occasions from electric scooters to PRTs (personal rapid transit movers or people movers).

Electric bikes are great for the person who wants to ride a bike and just needs a bit more help (pedal assist). But sometimes it is not right for everyone

Here is a great comprehensive list of all types of personal electric transportation systems

For a more complete guide, you can check here: How To Buy An Electric Bike

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Cyclists and E-Bike Cyclists: A Need To Share The Road


As electric bikes become more popular, as expected more rules of society will need to evolve.

If you are a skiier or snowboarder, then you know what we mean. As snowboarding explode in popularity, the need for skiiers and snowboarders to share the slopes became quite heated (including many youtube videos of physical altercations!). Skiiers were seen as old conservatives and snowboarders as the young whippersnappers.

Is it possible we will see the same with the hard core road cyclists and the e-bike commuters? After all e-bikes are for those that usually need some sort of pedal-assist.

Interesting article in the TheStar up in Toronto delves into this

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